About the NextGen Cookbook

It started with a cookbook for the children so that they can prepare healthy and varied food for themselves, and our knowledge is not lost someday. Even if that day lies in the very, very distant future, it is time to start, because there are many, many recipes and experiences to pass on.

The internet is about sharing information, namely valuable information, which, please always remember, does not necessarily include selfies and conspiracy theories.

So, we thought: Since we already have an internet, we might as well share the cookbook with everyone.

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Food is life.

Food is not only vital, it can also be body care from the inside. Or the opposite. So choose wisely.
The Tastemaster, 2021

Go, cook with your friends.

It is an incredibly powerful way to bring joy to each other.
Madame Chilipepper, 2021

Cooking is our passion. We present recipes from many parts of the world and for a wide range of tastes and diets. Health and well-being are as important to us as pure indulgence.

Our recipes range from simple to complex and are intended to encourage you to constantly improve your personal cuisine.

We share techniques and tricks that make cooking easier and more exciting at the same time.

We will sometimes also give tips on kitchen equipment. However, we expressly emphasise that we do not receive any commission from any source for this.

The same applies to links to other websites. This blog is non-commercial.

For us, cooking is a significant cultural achievement of humanity all over the world. Our cuisines are as diverse and fascinating as we are.

We want to give support and motivation to beginners and inspiration to experienced cooks.

But above all, once again, this is a cookbook for the children.


And may the taste be with you.

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