Egg in a basket

Anyone who watched the movie “V for Vendetta” has seen the egg in a basket. It is a simple but often forgotten form of preparation that gives free rein to the imagination and is perfect for a surprise Sunday breakfast. Therefore, we would like to remind you of this beautiful variation:

Cut out a circle from a slice of bread – this can also be toast – using a drinking glass of a suitable size.

Do not cut the bread too thin, the slice should be at least 4 mm thick

Next, spread the bread on one side with butter or the substitute of your choice and toast it in the pan over medium-high heat.

Now place the bread on the untreated side with a little more butter and – this is very important – set the temperature to a little less than medium.

We have added some Camembert at this point

An egg is carefully cracked into a small bowl and then placed in the hole that has been cut out. Only the egg white is salted, especially close to the yolk, so it cooks a little faster.

The problem is that the egg white takes a while to cook and the bread could burn during this time. Or the egg white will not cook all the way to the top, while the egg yolk already gets too much temperature.

The solution is steam. As with our tips for sunny side up eggs, put about two tablespoons of water in the pan, around its edge so that it doesn’t soften the bread. Then immediately put a lid on. The rising steam now also cooks the egg white from above and evenly.

Finally, you can season with a little more salt and black pepper from the mill. We added some mushrooms and cherry tomatoes to the pan and sprinkled the whole thing with fresh chives.


And may the taste be with you.

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