Pasta Salsiccia e Birra

Today we are serving a quick-to-prepare, extremely tasty and unusual pasta – “salsiccia e birra”, i.e. with Italian raw sausage and beer (as part of the dish, but it also makes a great accompaniment).

We start by cutting some pancetta or otherwise nice bacon into strips of a pleasant size.

Not too small, please, because pasta tastes particularly good if you don’t work too delicately

Then we peel onions and cut them into not too small pieces as well.

Now for the leading lady:

We only use the sausage meat from the salsicce, the skin would not be enjoyable later if prepared in this way. To do this, cut the sausages in half lengthwise and then simply scrape the filling from the skin with the back of your knife.

A paper to degrease your hands helps a lot

We also need some light, not too bitter beer, cream, pepper and – if desired – a little herb. Parsley is often used, but today we opt for a small amount of sage.

If you use sage, use it moderately, otherwise the intense flavour will overpower the other aromas – you can be much more generous with parsley

Fry the bacon slowly so that the fat can render out. You do not need oil for this.

Medium high heat and a little patience are the way to go

Before the bacon starts to brown, we add our onions and fry them until translucent.

This takes approx. 3 – 4 minutes

Now we add some coarsely chopped garlic (optional) and the sausage meat plucked into pieces with our hands.

Fry the salsicce for a few minutes before you proceed

We now pour the beer onto it and let it boil down until there is only about 10 % of the liquid left. We are all about the taste that the beer leaves behind. The alcohol has then also evaporated.

Since you don’t need a whole bottle, there is enough left over for the hardworking cook

Only when the beer has largely evaporated, add the cream.

And again, we let the whole thing boil down until our sauce has the desired consistency

The only seasoning needed is pepper. The bacon and salsicce are usually salty enough.

From now on you can adjust the seasoning – a touch of chilli or similar is not forbidden, of course.

When the sauce has taken on your desired consistency, add the herbs. They should not be cooked for much longer.

Herbs in, cooker off

You cook the pasta alongside, in heavily salted water. It should be as salty as the sea. Check the consistency two minutes before the cooking time indicated on the packet, then you will easily find the point of “al dente” (the firmness of the pasta) that you like best.

We like to serve such dishes in a large bowl that everyone can help themselves from. But always let the pasta “taste” the sauce for a few minutes before serving, as they say: pour the sauce over the pasta, then keep lifting the sauce and pasta from the bottom with two large spoons until everything is well mixed (just as you would mix salad with dressing), and give everything around 2 minutes to combine nicely.

Pasta doesn’t have to be steaming hot on the plate, but it does have to form a unit with the sauce – putting the pasta on plates and then just pouring sauce on top is a mortal sin

Ingredients (for 4 people):

400 g semolina pasta (“pasta secca”) – we recommend the Casarecce shape

120 g pancetta or bacon of your choice

1 – 2 onions

1 – 2 cloves garlic

300 g salsiccia

200 ml light beer (lager, not too bitter)

200 ml cream

Herbs of your choice, parsley or sage

If desired: some Parmigiano, Grana Padano or even Pecorino (optional)

Salt and pepper, that’s all you need


And may the taste be with you.

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