Everyone experiences this: despite all efforts to avoid leftovers, the bread becomes so dry that you can no longer eat it.

There are many uses for dry bread, but the easiest is clearly to simply make breadcrumbs out of it.

In an airtight container – we use jars with rubber seals – the breadcrumbs will last for many months. If they do not get moist, they do not become mouldy and can be used without concern even after a long time, as long as they do not start to smell musty or their colour does not fade strongly.

Light bread is particularly suitable, but almost all bread is usable

If the bread has already become quite hard and dry, it needs no more preparation.

Otherwise, simply place the bread in an oven at 80 degrees until it is thoroughly dry.

You could now put the bread through a grater by hand:

However, this is quite tedious and the crumbs are everywhere afterwards

If you only have a grater at your disposal, find a clean, large paper or plastic bag and do the work inside. This will save you a lot of cleaning later.

It’s much easier with the aid of a machine. We cut the dry bread into pieces…

You can also do this in a bag to make it even easier for yourself

…and then put it into our food processor ( in our case: Moulinette).

Blitz two or three times and it’s all done

This way, the best breadcrumbs are made in just a few minutes, and nothing is wasted.

A big advantage of this is that you determine the fineness or coarseness of your breadcrumbs. We like to have finer and coarser ones in the house, depending on what we want to use it for later.

If you do this consistently, you no longer need to buy ready-made breadcrumbs


And may the taste be with you.

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