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Almost everyone knows Spanish tapas. Pintxos not necessarily. “Pintxo” is Basque for a small snack that is often served with a toothpick stuck in it. In some bars, you pay a flat price after eating several pintxos, which is calculated by multiplying the number of toothpicks on your plate.

We love Spain, we love the Basque Country (“Euskal Herria”) very much, so there will be a few pintxos recipes here over time. This very short one is written for a special NextGen who has some memories associated with it.

Anyone who has ever eaten this

might have been considerably puzzled how a small piece of some sausage on a slice of white bread could be so damn tasty.

Here’s the explanation:

  • Xistorra

Almost everyone knows the Spanish chorizo. Xistorra not necessarily. Xistorra is Basque for a sausage from the Navarre region. It has a high fat content, it is much thinner than a chorizo and it only matures for an extremely short time.

  • No barbecue, no fry

Sausages are grilled or fried. But not always. For this recipe, the Xistorra is treated differently, and with considerable effect.

  • Sidra

Cider is also enjoyed in (parts of) Spain, where it is called sidra. And sidra can not only be drunk, it is also excellent for cooking.

Let’s go:

Accuracy makes no sense here. Follow your feeling.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius (convection: 160).

Cut your white bread into slices.

Cut your Xistorra into pieces that fit well on a slice of bread.

(Note: there are recipes in which the – very long, because very thin – xistorra is cooked whole and then cut – this makes no difference at all and neither does it get better)

Take an ovenproof dish and put your sausage pieces in it. Pour some cider over it (no more than halfway up the sausage, but that also depends on the shape of the dish – so just do it several times and then follow your experience).

This goes into the oven for no less than 20 minutes, until the look and smell are right for your liking. Depending on the quantity, it can easily take up to 30 minutes.

Take the dish out of the oven and place one side of the bread slices in the broth.

That’s why the breads in the Spanish / Basque bars look so sexy – only logical

Now there are simple options:

  • Just place Xistorra on the dipped bread – see above
  • Do the same and add some aromatic honey on top (sensational)
  • Bake briefly with a little cheese on top (and why not add honey)
Here with Spanish truffled sheep cheese

Simple, delicious. As that often goes hand in hand.


And may the taste be with you.









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